Creating the right marketing funnel can make or break your campaign. The way that you market to your audience can make the difference between making $100 and making $1000. So, understanding how and when to present certain offers as well as understanding the strategies between your offers can mean all the difference in how you succeed overall online.

If you’re struggling with creating your follow-up marketing and need some words of wisdom, I do have some great tips that you can use to help make your offer a well received one. So, let me use my experience as an example. Let’s say somebody buys a low-ticket product from me. Typically, I’m not a big direct mail guy, so I’m not using much direct mail with my market. However, we do use some direct mail particularly postcards. We send out a postcard Beast Funnels OTO to those individuals that buy from us. The postcard is send right after we’ve made the sale. Sometimes two postcards are sent out if the individual does not respond. But the postcards are really used as a response mechanism. This can be very effective in establishing strong communication lines with our audience.

Basically, what I’ve been doing for years and I suggest you do the same is to get your prospects and customers on a list. Typically, you don’t need to segment out your list between those who’ve bought from you and those who haven’t. You don’t have to communicate specifically with any one of those lists. Simply group them together with everybody else and just mail them pretty much every single day to open up your communications lines so that you end up with a response. Voice blasts or text blasts are not necessary, unless I’m doing a particular call and I specifically need to get in contact with them. If you do email marketing to your list and you do some direct mail in conjunction to that, you can begin to build a loyal following, which in turn will assist in improving your sales numbers.

Once you sell your low-end product to your list and you get buyers, present those buyers with an up sell immediately after they purchase your product. If they don’t purchase as that time, send them an email about your up-sell and continue to send informative, compelling emails so that they see that you’re knowledgeable and have great offers. Make your up-sell page a time limited offer so that they buy now. But just remember, never over-complicate the situation. This strategy is very simple if you keep it simple.

However, your main focus should be to get your low-ticket item to convert really well. If you’re not using a tool like Google Optimizer, which is a great free testing resource, you should definitely use it to split test it and see which page and offer is working better and getting a better response from your list. Then once you’ve done that concentrate on your one-time offer (also referred to as your OTO). Once you get your OTO also converting better, you’ll definitely begin to see even more sales.