Right here he comes here, he comes tag you’re, it Oh tag, you’re it I stated soda prior to bed. Youngsters, don’t attempt this in the house; I’m an expert all right! Survivors! Invite back to the lengthy dark, we’re choosing where we ended after these last episode right here in the winter season mute story mode at the hunting lodge that we had hiked to in the last episode and also we robbed it. But we did not go down right into the creepy cellar yeah and that’s where I faded out the end of the last episode.

I did, however, loot the cellar. I did decrease there, I videotaped it. I simply cut it off of that video or out of that video, since it was getting kind of long. So I’m gon na reveal you what we did down there and then we’ll continue we’ll come back up here as well as prepare yourself for the night, since I think night is dropping. We’Re gon na formulate some Dindin and afterwards obtain a great eight to 10 hours of sleep and also we’ll go out in the early morning to bring back Jeremiah’s rifle cuz.

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That’S what he he’s awaiting. We obtained it repaired, got ta get back to him. So I’m gon na show you the video footage of the cellar robbery and there’s a couple of extremely intriguing discoveries that we made down there. So without more ado here we go as well as I’m gon na get the fire going. So, by the time you return, we’ll have a wonderful relaxing, cozy fire, so gone, go watch the footage, I’ll roll.

It today ready three, two one roll em, let’s go see what’s concealed in the basement. Now I feel like I’m relocating so much quicker. Oh wow, some rewards down below, fantastic routine old filets any longer sorrows. Now we’ll haze, every little thing’s, so hefty, oh, don’t radiate it in your face. You’Ll go blind, better he’s, most likely dead still may can be found in convenient during the night.

That’S the most effective time to use it in the evening. I need to concur flashlights, they hate the light. As you can scroll the globe, you might uncover that some electric tools that have actually been inert given that the very first flare like flashlights, are given birth to by the strange aurora lights overhead. The flashlight can aid you locate your way in the darkness. It might additionally have unforeseen effects on my life.

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Oh fine, so when the lights freak out again, what’s up hello, there is a phone here where I think the lights are freaking. The power is returning on is that the phone upstairs sounded like it was down below. Oh that’s like a normal old phone, not a mobile phone. It was like a landline alright, so the flashlight can be made use of not only to see however likewise for protection. When the lights flicker and go bananas, we can direct it at the wild animals and afterwards they run away.

It’S my guess. What these we have here: onslaughts ragged onslaughts sturdy hand, coverings that expanded part method up the arm. Wow, warm and also challenging, much like you ‘d anticipate them to be. I presume so a workbench below can be available in useful. You reached repair the rifle cuz, it’s not in fact 100 %.

It was something like Oh Forrest. Tucker note, I assume resembled in the 80 % as well as I checked. Those boots can utilize this yeah another one and also they really are quite warm, however they do not have any type of water proof mist. So in some ways they were far better than others, they weren’t. So much.

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I got ta be a crucial to right here. Look, allow me get an additional publication cuz. I believe I used one accelerator fire right. You understand I think so, order that space in helpful 11 extra pounds. Why does every little thing need to be so hefty?

Let’S review this note right here: room Forrest talker map no meet up at the deserted searching lodge on the outskirts of secret Lake Park. General practitioners collaborates are unreadable. We have to quit those briar home – company expletives, probably poopy heads, that’s what that said there. So we do not have the GENERAL PRACTITIONER works with, but it’s on the outskirts of enigma Lake Park. Take it.

Oh, did include a map no way basic, only a journal that upgraded to get back to Jeremiah divine smokes. Okay! No. We had that and after that there’s a cache in Allen’s cave. That should be the one Allen.

He should be just one of them: insane lobbyists, terrorists, individuals, something. Oh, I understand one, nothing, I require it, but I’ll consume it down before we go. Oh you’re, back in the nick of time for dinner, have a sit down warm up by the fire obtain comfy. I simply put a fake fire log in what sort of self-respecting hunter would certainly use a fake log anyhow, I don’t know so anyhow. I just prepared some food.

Let’S go on and drink and eat. I made some organic tea. Ah that’ll help us rest tonight as well as we’ll fill our stomach, although we do not need to load our stomach currently with messy tomorrow, soup, allow’s warm up the stubborn belly anyway, oh yes, so good, alright. So what do you think about that basement run huh? Not as well shabby.

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We obtained a flashlight and also a set of gloves that I really dealt with that. Let me reveal you: these are actually really wonderful. Super, sturdy and also they’re lined with woollen, so they’re cozy as well. They offer a rain security and wind security and also they look like the they’re extra sturdy than the fleece mittens that I carried in the past. They’Re, definitely much better regarding the stats go, to ensure that’s extremely wonderful and also the flashlight we obtained this flashlight

Where is it? It’S not a very good form as well as I can’t it doesn’t operate battery’s dead right now. I think it just functions during the Aurora event that may take place. Hopefully, it took place once again and also if it does, we can use the flashlight to scare away the wolves, crazy wolves that come out throughout that Aurora. So extremely great which has to do with it.

So I assume I assume it’s time for Ben obtained a nice complete stubborn belly. I’M sort of tired, let’s reach bed. Well, you understand what allow’s order the storm. Lantern bag is obtaining too heavy to bring. Don’T fear, we’ll you’re not going to carry it for very long.

I’Ve already unloaded an entire number of things out what we’re still a bit hefty regarding this Light we’ll leave. We do not need to bring it with us, we’re just gon na utilize it to get upstairs, find the bed and hit the sack, and I’m pretty sure there was a bed up right here that had a great blankie on it right, since a few of them were not even Made they would certainly simply be inflatable bed yuck this over right here, oh yeah. Below it is yep, it’s obtained a little uh little blankie on it and also some smelly sporting activity socks. Oh best, similar to home that off we’ll put it away and we’ll climb up into bed as well as exactly how regarding we go, I’m assuming 9 hrs. We can make it.

Allow’S do it. We deserve this sleep you all set good evening. Hey! Is that your joint and also my side ooh? What’S that audio hold on obtain the flashlight, I believe the crazy lights are below trigger.

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Oh, it is the insane lights as well as the bat and this flashlight functions is Rabanne. Oh there’s a battery, it bills the battery, that’s ridiculous as well as wait a second tonight. Oh, it’s gon na high light beam divine cow. It does have a high light beam, this blinding wow. That should be how you blind the wolves.

Below we go. Try it out I’m kind of curious about these lights. Anyhow, it resembles an aurora borealis cuz. We missed it. Last time I didn’t go outside the shed and also I wind up missing out on something, and I don’t wish to miss it this moment.

Allow’S simply Oh! No. What are you doing shut that off save the battery in the battery? Allow’S go see if there’s any Wolves out here wow it is an aurora borealis, it’s type of stunning, isn’t it yeah? Alright, let’s attempt this thing out on wolves.

Oh oh, right here comes one currently hi friend hello come on over right here. Let’S play flashlight tag. I don’t think he’s afraid right now. Well, he’s glowing leading so he’s sort of feral right, so I don’t assume the flash later is mosting likely to terrify him at this moment which method you going you wan na, come below in the break in the fencing. I’M kind of frightened now.

Well, here he comes below. He comes tag you’re, it Oh tag, you’re it I said get out of here. Simply stop some whoa very easy. Does it you do not want to play. You can not play it.

I’M a flashlight! You simply have a radiance, though it doesn’t get an unique radiance. Oh there he goes he’s so unfortunate isn’t have a flashlight you can not play. This is special for people with flashlights and opposable thumbs. All right.

Allow’S eliminate that light. Oh it charges. Does it charging? Oh! Wait, no, it’s not, allow’s see, does it reenergize throughout this event, it is extremely, very gradually see the bar up there in the leading left.

Oh that’s very! Oh there he goes you’re looking for a flashlight uh examine, the maintenance yard uh 22 %. So it does not shed their capability when you use it. Evidently, oh, consider that. Isn’T that gorgeous?

It actually does. Resemble the Northern Lights, an aurora borealis, and also all that look, the lights come on. Electrical energy comes on like appearance that light right. There see. That’S pretty cool, I’m glad we got to see this.

Alright, allowed’s get in and what time is it? Oh, it’s still dark. I assume we should go to bed. Allow’S get to bed one for one more, our soft drink prior to bed. Kids, do not attempt this at home.

I’M a professional, never drink the soft drink prior to bed. Alright up, we go back to the nice warm bed for another we’re attempting to obtain one more hour of rest, maybe even 2 all right. Oh this flashlight scheme and also he remarkable reason. It just works part-time I’ll. Think in two hours, to ensure that’ll bring us to the early morning as well as should I consume a little bit extra water, I believe we’re fine we’ll drink in the early morning.

Great excellent evening see you in the a.m.

No piece of cake, fine, that flashlight, I presume it doesn’t work it’s off. Let me see if we can get it out yep. The event is: oh, oh, no!

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It’S not over it’s not over, yet the Sun is up. Okay, fantastic excellent. We can go currently. You can go just keep conserve that battery. You could require it hey there again it only it’s just gon na work throughout the event, so I do not know for how long it lasts.

I don’t recognize if it sticks around during the day. There’S only a nighttime thing: I’m gon na consume that peanut butter right now right here, drink that tea, this stuff is cost-free, totally free consumes, we can consume it, cool could also, it’s still moisturize and also the peanut butter. Oh, we do not actually need to consume it, yet I will anyhow, top off. Will certainly a lengthy road ahead of us, my close friend, Oh battery’s, dead. That’S it it’s out its out.

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